Nov 11, 2021; Miami Gardens, FL; Miami Dolphins guard Robert Hunt (68) is upended while reaching for the end zone against the Baltimore Ravens.  / © Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports
Nov 11, 2021; Miami Gardens, FL; Miami Dolphins guard Robert Hunt (68) is upended while reaching for the end zone against the Baltimore Ravens. / © Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

TNF Wynning picks and Brad Evans' props to tail

Coming to you on Veteran’s Day (Armed Forces, we salute you!), Ep. 19 of Bet to Wynn is here, and there is plenty to cover after an entropic NFL Week 9. After some questionable officiating, hosts Joe Fann and Claudia Bellofatto are champing at the bit to tackle the taunting rules.

Additionally, Bet to Wynn Ep. 19 features NFL takes from Bally Sports’ Brad Evans. For a comprehensive recap of all Ep. 19 has to offer, continue reading!

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Is the NFL's “taunting emphasis” ruining the game?

Our beloved hosts kickoff the show by expressing respect and condolences for our Veterans that have served this country, and those still serving; Happy Veteran’s Day! From there, Joe and Claudia dive right into Week 9’s rendition of Monday Night Football, which was a competitive game between two of the game’s oldest franchises: the Chicago Bears and Pittsburgh Steelers

Unfortunately, the competition between the players was overshadowed by a 4th quarter taunting call that appeared quite egregious on part of the official. Chicago defensive end Cassius Marsh was able to sack opposing QB Ben Roethlisberger, and followed with his celebratory spinning round-house kick. From there, Marsh took a short glimpse at the Pittsburgh sideline before retreating. Now, what happens next can be viewed arbitrarily, but the official appeared to back into Marsh as he was running by, which seemed to prompt the official to throw a taunting flag.

The official claims that Marsh brushing by him was not the reason for the penalty, but was caused from Marsh’s “taunting” glare at the Steelers’ sideline; yes, that seems like a very soft call to me, as well. 

Joe and Claudia’s frustration level is at capacity when it comes to the NFL’s current on-field protocol around taunting, and there’s validity to that. These calls continually come at paramount moments and are inconsistent/subjective in nature. Are these antics always deserving of punishment? Is it really all for the kids having more positive role models? I stand here with my palms to the sky. After the game, Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin was in full support of the taunting crackdown ...    

The Steelers would eventually win the game, and unfortunately for our hosts, neither Diontae Johnson nor Najee Harris would hit their prop marks. But like every DBs coach preaches, we cannot let our bad beats stick with us: Forward and onward.

Brad Evans from Bally Sports hops on to talk Week 10

Bally Sports Executive Producer of Gaming, Brad Evans, jumps on Bet to Wynn Ep. 19 to discuss NFL Week 10 picks and the overall evolution of the sports gaming industry. A self-proclaimed aficionado of dino-chicken nuggets and top-shelf tequila (Clase Azul, anyone?), Evans shares his unique betting approach with Joe and Claudia: No sides and no totals.

Evans, an emphatic character in his own right, also enlightens Joe and Claudia on his origins in gaming, and expresses some of his pet peeves that we see perpetuated across the industry.

For NFL Week 10, Evans is keeping a particularly close eye on a couple player props for Vikings at Chargers. Additionally, Evans gives a shout-out to a player who he considers to be the Shohei Ohtani of football: Atlanta's Cordarelle Patterson. Although I thoroughly enjoy Patterson's flexibility (he can be played in WR, RB, or FLEX fantasy slots) and production in my fantasy lineup, I'm not sure that's an accurate comparison, but you get the idea!

Wynning picks

Ahead of Thursday Night Football featuring the Baltimore at Miami, here's Claudia's Wynning pick:

Joe Fann's Week 10 action:

As always, the full Bet to Wynn episode is available for viewing on our YouTube page!