How to Bet NFL Player Props on WynnBET

Betting NFL player props or creating your very own Same Game Parlay has never been easier at WynnBET. There’s 100s of markets available!

Registered WynnBET players can follow the steps below to place a prop bet on WynnBET.

1. Open the WynnBET app.

2. Sign-in with your credentials.

3. Find the specific game you wish to place your prop bet on. Use the search bar if needed.

4. Select the prop category for your specific prop bet.

5. Select your preferred prop by tapping on the odds.

6. When ready, tap the bet slip image in the bottom right corner of your screen.

7. Enter the amount you wish to wager and place your bet.

Build Your Own Bet™

Build your Own Bet (BYOB) is a feature of the WynnBET platform that allows you to create a customized Same Game Parlay.

You can find our BYOB menu within any BYOB eligible sporting event, by clicking/pressing 'more wagers' on the main page and then clicking the BYOB banner. You will then be given a multitude of options to create a parlay that would not be offered without using the feature.

Within BYOB, odds are not listed within each selection, but as a total, and the odds of the parlay can greatly vary depending on how linked the occurrences chosen are to each other.

What Is a Prop Bet?

Proposition bets, more commonly referred to as prop bets, are special wagers usually based on statistics or more uncommon choices than selecting a point spread or over/under.

Props often involve special point spreads or totals, featuring different payouts than the standard 11/10 betting unit, depending on whether the bet is made easier or more difficult to win by the line change. Example, if Iowa is favored to beat Michigan by six points, there could be a prop wager where Iowa is -10 points but pays +190 (risk $10 to profit $19) where Michigan at +10 points would pay -210 (risk $21 to profit $10) because Michigan would have more points in its favor.

Props can also be individual players in a team sport, such as who might score the first touchdown in a game, whether a player might have over or under a certain number of rebounds in a game, whether he or she will score a goal, etc.

Props can also relate to team statistics, such as over or under the number of first downs a team makes in a game, etc. Anything involving a sporting event can be turned into a fun prop wager.

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