The New WynnBET Sportsbook and Online Casino App Is Here

The new WynnBET is here!

Users in Arizona, Colorado, Indiana, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Tennessee, West Virginia, and Virginia can now take advantage of MORE markets, ENHANCED Same Game Parlays, and MORE deposit and withdrawal options!

You can access the new app by selecting your state here:

AZ | CO | IN | LA | MA | TN | VA WV

What’s New?

  • More markets

  • Enhanced same game parlays

  • More deposit & withdrawal options

  • Better bonus options

  • One app & login across all states

  • More casino games*

Getting Started

How to Login

The WynnBET app showing the create account page.

Single Account

If you only have one username with WynnBET, this will be the same login information that you use to access the new single-state app.

Multiple Accounts

If you have multiple accounts with different usernames and passwords, the last account you've accessed will be the username and password for your new single-state account. If you are having issues, please contact customer support.

Once logged in, all of your existing and previous bets, along with your wallet, will be accessible and transferred over.

How to Make a Deposit

An image of the WynnBET app showing the deposit page.

Login to your account and select the balance in the top right corner of the screen or choose “Deposit” from the side menu. 

You must choose your deposit amount first before selecting the payment method.

How to View Your Bet History

The My Bets page in the new WynnBET app.

My Bets

Click "My Bets" to view all your active bets and settled bets. 

On mobile, you can find “My Bets” in the bottom navigation. On desktop, “My Bets” is located in the primary sports navigation.

Any past bets placed on the previous WynnBET site or app can be found in the "Transferred History" section of your account.

How Do I View My Bonuses?

An image of the My Bonuses page in the WynnBET app.

Login and view your profile by tapping 👤 in the header. 


In the account menu, select “My Bonuses.” Here you will see any active sports and casino bonuses.

Bet Credits & Boosts

Your bet credits and boosts will not be included in your bonus wallet amount, but they can be seen in the “My Bonuses” section to view any additional details and restrictions. 

Click HERE for more information on your different types of bonuses.


Where can I download the app?

You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

Do I need to download the app or can I use the website?

You can use the website or app.

What happens if I have multiple accounts in multiple states? Which account do I login with?

Log-in with your last accessed account on WynnBET. The username will be emailed to you. All your accounts will be merged, and the funds across these accounts will be combined.

How will you determine which state I can see?

This is based on geo location and the app will only show you the lines and promotions that are available to you in the state that you are currently located in.

Did all my funds & bets move over?

Yes,  all of your existing bets and the funds in your wallet safely moved over to the new app. Simply download the new app and you will see them available. Any outstanding bets will settle in the new app.

Will my bonuses move over?

All current bonuses are set to expire before the new app launches, but you will be eligible to earn even better bonuses in this app!

Can I use my funds across all states?

Yes, your funds will be available to use where legally allowed. Some states have restrictions on use of funds from credit cards or other methods and these funds will be unavailable for wagering when in these states. 

Can I use my bonuses across all states?

Yes, any bonuses that are not specified as state-exclusive will be allowed where betting is legal for that state. For example, casino bonuses can only be used while in a state where casino is legal.

How will my Wynn Rewards be affected?

Your Wynn Rewards account will be moved over to this single-state account as well,

and you will continue to earn on any bets made in the app with your Wynn Rewards account. You may have to verify the account in order to connect first.

Will my existing payment methods be saved?

For your safety, we will require you to re-enter your payment information.

What if I am on an exclusion list in one state but have an account in another?

WynnBET takes exclusion seriously, so if you are excluded in one state, you will be excluded from this app in all states. If you have an active account, you will be notified as to how to receive your funds.

Click to view our Accessibility Policy or contact us with accessibility related questions