Baccarat Odds, Payouts & Strategies

Baccarat, also called punto banco, is a popular casino card game that brings in about $1.2 billion in profits to the Nevada casino industry annually. Outside the United States, particularly in Macau, this game accounts for 88% of all casino activities.

Such figures clearly show baccarat’s popularity among casino game enthusiasts. 

So what are the odds of winning in baccarat, and how are payouts calculated? How does this game compare to other card games in terms of odds? 

This article explains how the odds, payouts, and house edges work in baccarat to help you determine what bets may help improve your winning chances.

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Baccarat Odds and Payouts Explained

Baccarat payouts aren’t meant to make you rich quickly. You can’t just place your bets and then retire in your beachfront property with just one win. That said, baccarat has some of the most generous payouts and odds compared to other casino games.

Odds are a player’s chances of winning (or losing) a bet against the house represented by the banker or dealer. In fact, among all casino games, baccarat has the lowest house edge. 

The house edge (also called the casino advantage) represents the average gross profit the casino expects to make from each game. Think of it as the house’s commission for providing the gaming service to its customers.

In baccarat, the house edge on a banker bet is 1.06%. On a player bet, the house edge is 1.24%. 

On a tie bet, the house edge jumps to 14.36%, but the payout is huge and much more generous than the payouts on player and banker bets.

However, if you omit the chance of getting a tie and distribute the odds equally between the player and banker, the banker has 51% win odds all the time. (Note that casinos may vary in how they calculate the odds and house edge.)

Theoretically, if you divide tie bet odds between the banker and player, you get 4.76% (9.52% ÷ 2 = 4.76%). 

Banker bet odds plus 4.76% = 50.62% (rounded off to 51%). So if you don’t include tie bets in your decisions, banker bets have win odds of around 51% every time.

In the past, the baccarat card game seemed pretty complicated, but not anymore. Contemporary rules are simpler, and players only have to choose one of three betting options: the banker, player, or tie. These bets have different odds and payouts.

For example, a 1.24% house edge on the player bet means a $100 bet can give you a $98.76 profit if you win.

100% - 1.24% house edge = 98.76% of the bet (profit)

98.76% of $100 bet = $98.76

A player bet has a 1-to-1 payout, so:

Total payout = Profit + initial bet = $98.76 + $100 = $198.76

For a banker bet, a 1.06% house edge means you can win $98.94 for every $100 you bet.

100% - 1.06% house edge = 98.94% of the bet (profit)

98.94% of $100 bet = $98.94

A banker bet has a 0.95-to-1 payout, meaning for every $1 you stake, you receive $0.95 when you win. If you include the house edge, your potential win is $93.99 ($98.94 x 0.95 = $93.99).

However, if you bet on a tie and win, the 14.36% house edge means you can theoretically receive an $85.64 profit for every $100 you stake.

100% - 14.36% house edge = 85.64% of the bet (profit)

85.64% of $100 = $85.64

Tie bets have a high payout of 8:1 because the odds for you to win this bet are low.

Baccarat Odds, House Edge, And Payouts – Common Bets

Whether you play baccarat online or at a local casino, you can choose from three bets: banker, player, or tie.

Knowing the odds and payout for these bets before placing your chips on the table is essential. Understanding these figures can help you make more informed betting decisions when sitting down at a baccarat table.

The following table lists the odds and payouts of the three common bets in a standard baccarat game using eight decks:




House Edge


1 to 1




0.95 to 1




8 to 1



The house edge or juice is the casino’s take from the players’ winning bets. Casinos vary in how much juice to take, but baccarat usually has a relatively low house edge.

Baccarat Odds, House Edge, And Payouts – Side Bets

Consider placing baccarat side bets if you want to add variety to your game. These bets give you more options than just betting on the banker, player, or tie.

Online and land-based casinos have their own side bets to add excitement to the baccarat tables. However, not all online baccarat games have similar side bets.

Some of the popular baccarat side bets are listed in the chart below. Based on an eight-deck game, these side bets have the following odds and payouts:




Player pair

11 to 1


Banker pair

11 to 1


Perfect pair

25 to 1


Either pair

5 to 1



2 to 1



3 to 2


Odds Of Baccarat Vs. Other Games

When comparing the baccarat odds to other games, consider choosing bets with the highest winning chances. With banker bets having odds of 45.86%, as shown in the table above, these bets may be among those with relatively better odds.

Odds Of Banker Vs. Player Win

Based on the table comparing banker and player bets, the banker’s hand has a slightly better chance to win at 45.86% than the player’s hand at 44.62%.

Even when you remove the tie bet from your choices, the banker wins about 51% of the time. Therefore, players usually bet on the banker’s hand to win to maximize their chances of earning a profit.

Still, baccarat is a game of chance, so there’s no guaranteed way to know which hand will win next.

Odds Of A Tie

In an eight-deck baccarat, tie bets win only 9.52% of the time but pay eight to one. If you prefer bets with a high payout, consider betting on ties. However, if you want better winning chances, you may be better off with banker or player bets.


In case of a tie and no one bets on it, a push happens, meaning no one wins or loses. All bets placed during that round will carry over to the next.

What Changes With Different Deck Combinations?

A standard baccarat card game is typically played with eight decks. However, you’ll find online baccarat games played with one or six decks. The tables below show the differences in payouts and odds for these deck combinations.

Six-Deck Baccarat

For six-deck baccarat, the payout and odds are as follows:





1 to 1



0.95 to 1



8 to 1


Single-Deck Baccarat

Baccarat games using one deck have the following payout and odds:





1 to 1



0.95 to 1



8 to 1


Eight Decks

Casinos typically calculate the standard baccarat odds and payouts based on an eight-deck game. 

In this case, the odds and payout are similar to the first table in this article showing 45.86% odds for banker bets and 44.62% for player bets.

What’s The Best Baccarat Bet To Make Based On Odds?

There’s no wrong or right way to bet on baccarat. Instead, your decision will likely depend on whether you want to take risks or play safe.

If you prefer a safe bet based on the odds, go for the banker and player bets. They may have a low payout, but your chances of winning are high.

On the other hand, tie bets may be more attractive if you’re a risk taker. The payout is higher, but the winning odds are low.

Baccarat Vs. Blackjack

Blackjack and baccarat are among the most popular card games offered at offline and online casinos. Which one of these two should you play?

The Major Differences In Gameplay

In baccarat, you have no control over the game’s outcome. As a bettor, your only action is to choose which hand to bet on or whether the result will be a tie. The odds and payout won’t change regardless of your decisions.

On the other hand, blackjack lets you make decisions that impact your hand’s outcome. For example, you can decide to stand, hit, double down, or split a pair. These decisions can increase or decrease your chances of winning the bet.

Blackjack Odds Vs. Baccarat Odds

In a game of baccarat, betting on the banker’s hand in an eight-deck game has the highest chance of winning at 45.86%.

Meanwhile, blackjack played with eight decks has an average winning rate of 42.22%. In other words, your baccarat odds can be higher or lower depending on your bet.

Comparison of Odds

When comparing odds between baccarat and blackjack, consider the following elements when making a betting decision:

  • Pay amount: The amount paid for winning the bet

  • Win rate: The probability of a win occurring

  • House edge: The casino’s advantage over the player

  • Return to player (RTP): The theoretical bet amount returned to the player 

You can consider the RTP as the opposite of the house edge (100% - house edge = RTP).

The following table compares baccarat and blackjack based on the above mentioned elements. The figures represent an average game and may differ depending on your local or online casino:



Win rate

House edge


Baccarat - Banker bet

0.95 to 1




Baccarat - Player bet

1 to 1




Blackjack - Your hand

1 to 1




Comparing Difficulty In Terms Of Strategy

Baccarat rules state how each hand plays out and doesn’t require you to make strategies outside of choosing which hand to place your bet. For example, you can decide based on which hand has the highest payout or lowest house edge.

Blackjack is different because the game’s RTP assumes you’ll always make the best betting option with the highest winning probability. This assumption poses a problem because not all gamblers know the right move. If they do, their win isn’t always guaranteed.


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Blackjack and baccarat are popular casino games in the United States, alongside roulette, slots, and poker. While it’s unsurprising that someone who doesn’t bet hasn’t heard of baccarat, there’s a good chance that most people know about blackjack.

Blackjack is among the most iconic games at gambling establishments and is often included in movie sets featuring casinos.


Baccarat and blackjack have several variations, with many online casinos listing several options for these games.

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Does Entertainment Value Count For Anything?

When choosing between baccarat and blackjack, consider which game offers the best odds for your difficulty level and the highest level of entertainment.

If you think baccarat provides you with the best entertainment value, given these considerations, you can go ahead and play this game. If you’re unsure, try playing the game for free and convert it to real money only when ready.

So How Does Baccarat Work?

In baccarat, the banker and player hands contain two cards each. The winning hand has a total value, excluding the second digit, closest to nine. Your goal is to have the hand you’re betting on be the winning hand.

Aces are worth 1, and face cards count as zero. If you have a 7 and a face card, your hand’s total is 7. If your hand has a 5 and an ace, your total is 6. A hand with an 8 and a 6 is 14, so your hand’s total value is 4.


If the player hand’s total is 6 or 7, you stand (or you don’t receive a new card). If the value is 0 to 5, you draw a third card. 

If you get an 8 or 9, the hand is natural and you win unless you have an 8 and the banker has a 9.


If the player has a 6 or higher, the banker can do any of the following, depending on the hand value:

  • 0 to 5: Draw a third card

  • 6 or 7: Stand

  • 8 or 9: Stand (natural)


In baccarat, you must place your bet before the house deals the cards. Your betting choices are the banker, player, and tie.

After you place your bets and the cards are dealt, the dealer plays the player’s hand, followed by the banker’s. The player and banker receive two cards each.

The hand whose total value is nearest to 9 wins, with 9 being the best score. If you win, the house pays you depending on that particular bet’s payout.

House Edge In Baccarat Explained

Casino enthusiasts will always think of high rollers like the James Bond character whenever they think of baccarat.

The low house take may be one of the reasons baccarat is popular. Among casino games, baccarat has one of the lowest house edges. 

However, note that house edge computations can vary, and the juice can change depending on the casino or the number of decks used in baccarat.

House Edge Of Banker Vs. Player

Based on the tables shown above, the house edge on banker bets is usually lower than on the player’s hand. If you prefer betting on a hand with the lowest house edge, consider choosing the banker’s hand.

Play Baccarat for Real Money Payouts at Online Casinos

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Try Baccarat Today

If you’re not yet ready to bet real money in baccarat, you can practice your bets at no cost. Some online casinos provide free baccarat games to help you build enough experience to prepare you for betting and earning real money.

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Baccarat Odds FAQs

1. Is it easy to learn baccarat odds?

Baccarat is easy to learn since you don’t need complex strategies to win. This game is mainly a game of chance, so there’s not much to do except place your bets and wait for the cards’ values to appear.

2. Is there any baccarat strategy I should learn?

Baccarat doesn’t require any strategy when it comes to deciding whether to choose the banker’s or the player’s hand. If you want the highest winning rate, consider betting on the banker with odds of 45.86%.

3. What casino game has the best odds of winning?

Video poker, blackjack, and baccarat are some casino games with the best winning odds and relatively low house edge. However, baccarat is the easiest to play while still providing great odds.

4. Is baccarat a 50-50 odds game?

Baccarat isn’t a 50-50 game, but it presents you with winning chances that come close to that figure. An eight-deck baccarat game gives banker bets 45.86% odds of winning.


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