Jump right in with WynnBET's Claudia Bellofatto to learn the ins & outs of the WynnBET app!
Jump right in with WynnBET's Claudia Bellofatto to learn the ins & outs of the WynnBET app!

How to Bet on Hockey

You won't spend any time in the penalty box when you use the WynnBET app for your hockey action. Moneyline and puck-line wagers are available on every game, along with over/unders. You can parlay hockey games and make round robin wagers as well. If your goal is for even more fun, prop bets are available on most hockey games, including first-period wagering (side and total) and additional player props on selected games. Futures bets are also available within the app. Once the puck drops, the action doesn't stop! In-game wagering is available on selected games.

Bet on the Puck Line

While the spread in other sports varies a lot depending on which teams are involved, the puck line in hockey betting is always set at 1.5. The favorite will subtract 1.5 goals to its final score, while the underdog will add 1.5 goals to its final score.


Buffalo is the favorite in a hockey game against Chicago. If you bet on Buffalo, they will need to win by two goals or more for a winning wager. If you chose Chicago, they would need to lose by one goal or win outright for your wager to win.

Making a Moneyline Bet

A dollar-value wager placed on a sporting event where a point spread is usually not assessed. Values are represented by a plus or minus sign and based on betting units of 100. 


Minnesota is -210 to beat Boston, and Boston is +180 to win. In that scenario, you would have to risk $210 to profit $100, but Minnesota simply would need to win the game, with no additional point spread assessed. If you were to bet on Boston, you would risk $100 to profit $180, but Boston would also have to win the game outright and would not benefit from any point-spread boost.

Place a Wager on the Total

A wager based on the number of COMBINED goals scored in a game. A bettor must choose "over" (whether more goals will be scored) or "under" (fewer total goals scored) than the assigned number for that game. 


Tampa Bay and Pittsburgh have a total of six goals scored in a hockey game. If you select the over, the combined score must equal seven or greater for a winning wager. If you select the under, the final score, including overtime, must be five goals or fewer. Over/under wagers are also generally made at 11/10 odds (risking $11 to profit $10).

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