A close up view of an MLB baseball on the grass prior to a game at SunTrust Park.
A close up view of an MLB baseball on the grass prior to a game at SunTrust Park.

What is NRFI and YRFI in Baseball Betting?

There is nothing that quite compares to the grind of betting on Major League Baseball over the course of a 162-game season. The summer months are truly a marathon for baseball bettors everywhere.

WynnBET offers several different markets for every game, and plenty of futures markets as well. But few props are as popular as betting on whether or not there will be at least one run scored in the first inning of a baseball game.

In 2022, WynnBET’s oddsmakers helped share some insight as to what made this market so popular and explained more about what goes into setting those lines. We are here to help you get a better understanding on how to bet NRFI vs. YRFI with this how-to guide.

What is NRFI/YRFI Betting?

If you are unfamiliar with these terms, you have come to the right place. NRFI stands for No Run First Inning, while YRFI is short for Yes Run First Inning. Essentially, a bettor is wagering on whether or not there will be a run scored.

The concept behind this market is appealing to bettors who want an instant result. NRFI bettors are rooting for six outs to be recorded before the first run, whereas YRFI bettors need at least one run to be scored by either team during the first inning.

How Can I Bet NRFI And YRFI Markets On WynnBET?

As fun as it is to call these bets by their abbreviations, don’t expect to see the words YRFI or NRFI on your WynnBET app. To bet this market on WynnBET, a bettor can simply:

  1. Find the specific MLB game they wish to bet on.

  2. Click the 'Popular' tab.

  3. Find and click the 'Will There Be a Run In the First Inning?' market.

  4. Click 'Yes' or 'No.'

NRFI/YRFI Betting Tips

As the WynnBET.com trading team told us last year, a lot goes into setting the odds for total runs in the first inning. Oddsmakers will consider starting pitchers, the top batters in each lineup, past results, ballpark, and weather when setting the vig for either side of this two-way market.

As such, it only makes sense for bettors to consider those factors as well. We encourage you to do your homework on all of this before placing a wager.

Consider the Lineups

Starting lineups are typically revealed by beat reporters a few hours before the first pitch, as the manager puts the card on the wall in the clubhouse. This is important information for any market in a baseball game, and the first inning phenomenon is no exception.

What is different about the first inning market is that you only have to focus on the top of the order. Teams are getting better about putting their superior players at the top of the lineup, but you should always make sure before placing a bet.

If the normal leadoff hitter is getting a day off, for example, that might lead to a better NRFI bet. Conversely, a YRFI wager could be appealing if a team opts to start more left-handed hitters at the top of the order vs. a right-handed pitcher, or more early right-handed hitters against a left-handed pitcher.

Starting Pitchers

As is the case with most baseball markets, the pitcher has the biggest impact on the betting odds. Many of the top starting pitchers in the sport will increase a team’s NRFI odds, as they are typically expected to record three outs before giving up a run. Lower-quality hurlers would lead to oddsmakers putting a higher vig on YRFI odds.

This is common sense for both oddsmakers and bettors, but focusing on the pitching angle is crucial to handicapping this market. NRFI bettors will want to avoid a pitcher who walks a lot of runners, but they should also focus on hurlers with a high strikeout rate. YRFI bettors should zero in on the opposite of that, as well as picking on pitchers with a high home run rate.

Hitting Stats

There is no shortage of stats in baseball, but focusing on the right metrics can help you make the correct first inning bet. Batting average, RBIs, and home runs are basic categories to check for the top hitters in a given lineup. You will also want to know a player’s ability to get on base, which can be quantified best with on-base percentage.

All basic stats are available at MLB.com, though there are plenty of advanced metrics to understand as well.

Head-to-Head History

Pitcher vs. hitter splits are not the best way to predict the future, but they are a piece of the puzzle in this case. You can get this information everyday by heading over to Baseball Savant by clicking on the probable pitchers for that day. From there, you see a pitcher’s career numbers against that particular roster for every matchup.

If a pitcher struggles against a certain group of hitters, that might be worth taking advantage of with a YRFI bet. The opposite is just as true, with NRFI wagers being the better bet for a positive-history matchup.

Ballpark Factors

One of the more unique components about baseball is that no two locations are the same. While all football fields and basketball courts are identical, each baseball ballpark is different across the country.

It is tougher to score at certain ballparks due to outfield wall location, making it a favorable park for pitchers. Whereas a place like Coors Field in Colorado is friendly to hitters due to the elevation. Having a basic understanding of park factors is essential to handicapping baseball.


Because games take place outside, mother nature tends to have a say on what transpires on the baseball diamond. Wind is the biggest factor, particularly at a place like Wrigley Field during day games. Depending on the direction the wind is blowing, a pitcher or hitter might have the advantage on a given game.

You should bookmark this tool at OddsTrader.com to keep track of how the weather will impact a game on any given day.

Baseball Odds at WynnBET

The best place to bet on baseball throughout the summer is at WynnBET’s online sportsbook. By learning how to bet on baseball and doing your research before placing each bet, you can increase your chances of placing a successful wager.

WynnBET's baseball offering includes many different markets for each day of the 162-game MLB season and playoffs, including the popular first inning prop.

Download the WynnBET app to start betting on baseball today.

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