How to Bet on Baseball

Betting Basics

You'll never strike out with the easy-to-use WynnBET app when it comes to making a baseball wager. Choose from moneyline wagers to run-line options and over-unders on every game. You can also make parlays and round robin plays. Prop bets are also available, including the first five innings (sides and totals), first-inning bets on whether a run will be scored and additional player props on selected games. In-game wagering and futures bets are also available within the app.

Bet on the Spread

The margin assigned by oddsmakers that is factored into the final score of a wager, either added to the score of the underdog team, or subtracted from the favored team's score.


Cleveland is a 2.5-run favorite over Detroit. This means if you place a straight bet on Cleveland, they will need to win by three runs or more for your wager to be a winner. If you chose Detroit, they would need to lose by two runs or fewer — or for Detroit to outright win — for your wager to win.

Making a Moneyline Bet

A dollar-value wager placed on a sporting event where a point spread is usually not assessed. Values are represented by a plus or minus sign and based on betting units of 100. 


Minnesota is -210 to beat Miami, and Miami is +180 to win. In that scenario, you would have to risk $210 to profit $100, but Minnesota simply would need to win the game, with no additional point spread assessed. If you were to bet on Miami, you would risk $100 to profit $180, but Miami would also have to win the game outright and would not benefit from any point-spread boost.

Place a Wager on the Total

A wager based on the number of COMBINED runs scored in a game. A bettor must choose "over" (whether more runs will be scored) or "under" (fewer total runs scored) than the assigned number for that game. 


Kansas City and Pittsburgh have a total of 9.5 runs scored in a baseball game. If you select the over, the combined score must equal 10 or greater for winning wager (9-4, 8-2, 6-5, etc.) If you select the under, the final score, including any extra innings played, must be nine or fewer. (5-3, 7-0, 4-1, etc.) Over/under wagers are also generally made at 11/10 odds (risking $11 to profit $10).

Tips for Betting on Baseball

Follow the Lines

Odds are constantly adjusting from the second the oddsmakers set them. A team could open as a favorite, but move to an underdog before first pitch. Getting the best of the number as much as possible is the key to becoming a profitable bettor.

Monitor Betting Splits

Here at WynnBET, we share our betting splits for marquee matchups. Make sure you are following us on social media to get that information! Having a good idea of what the public is betting on can be a useful part of your handicapping in baseball.

Monitor Betting Trends

Betting trends are situational patterns repeating the same betting result, usually against the spread (ATS) or the Over/Under (the total). For example, one team could be 10-0 against the spread in the last 10 games as a favorite or how the under is 16-0 since 2005 in meetings between Army and Navy.

Follow Injury Reports

For any sports, including baseball, it is important to keep a close eye on all injury news. Make sure you stay on top of injury reports and rumors as much as possible. You won’t be able to catch all of them, especially if you bet early, but you can do your best!

Check the Weather

Weather can have a major influence on the final results of a game. Both the fall and spring can bring plenty of cold, wind, and rain to outdoor venues. Rain and wind can play a big part in how teams perform, and can often lead to games getting delayed or postponed.

Common Mistakes

Overreacting to Certain Scheduling Quirks

When it comes to MLB betting, teams are playing daily and traveling across the country to do so. It is important to remember that sometimes that information is factored into the line. While scheduling and rest can be a piece of your handicapping process, it shouldn’t be the deciding factor.

Betting on Your Favorite Team

Bettors can get blinded by their own bias or favoritism, especially when it comes to their favorite team. The oddsmakers are more impartial because they trust their numbers, so it is important to think twice when betting on your favorite team.

Mismanaging Your Bankroll

The fastest way to lose your bankroll is by mismanaging it. Don’t chase losses by betting more than you normally would to make up for one loss. Don’t get greedy when you go on a winning streak. Try to keep all straight bets within the same unit sizes, as there is no such thing as free money or an easy winner.

Betting on Favorites Too Often

The gap between the worst and the best teams in baseball is usually smaller compared to other sports. Over the course of a 162-game season, the good teams will lose more than a third of their contests. This makes sense when you consider the best hitters are getting out like 7 times in every 10 at-bats. Don’t get caught up on betting favorites too often.

How Does Baseball Compare to Betting on Other Sports?

Baseball might be America’s pastime, but the new age of this sport is very analytical. Perhaps more than any other sport, it is important to research and have a good understanding of all advanced metrics. Over the course of the 162-game season, you will go through highs and lows. But if you trust your process, you can become a profitable long-term bettor in this sport.

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