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NBA Odds

Betting on the latest NBA odds throughout the regular season and playoffs is easy at the WynnBET online sportsbook.

From the first tip off in the fall through the last game of the Finals in the summer, NBA odds are put together by our expert trading team. If there’s an NBA game taking place, you can be safe in the knowledge that we’ll have the NBA odds available.

Our traders take into account a number of factors when building NBA markets. This includes injury news, form and past meetings. You can get an edge by using the detailed betting information in articles posted by our writers to the WynnBET Playbook.

Pre-game odds usually go up the day before a game or, at the very latest, on gameday. This is when you can get NBA odds on the spreads, totals, player props, team props and more. Place your pre-game bets and get ready for something even more exciting - live NBA betting.

Live NBA Betting

Placing bets on live NBA action is one of the most exciting ways to enjoy watching professional basketball. After the first tip off, you’ll notice the NBA betting lines start to move and this all depends on the performance of each team. 

If a team builds up a big lead then their odds will shorten and the odds will lengthen for the opponent. Still think the trailing team will get the win? Back them at this point and you can often get a far better return than you would have done pre-game.

Live NBA betting is open on every matchup of both the regular season and playoffs. Check the live tab in your state’s app to see the games where live NBA betting is available.

NBA Betting Lines

Heard basketball fans talking about NBA betting lines? What they’re almost certainly referring to is the markets that are available to bet on for any given matchup. Like other North American leagues, the three markets that draw the most attention are the spread, moneyline and totals.

The spread assigns a plus or minus value to each team that depends on whether they are the favorite or underdog. For example, the spread for the favorite Boston Celtics against the underdog Atlanta Hawks could look like this:

  • Celtics -5.0

  • Hawks +5.0

In this matchup, the Celtics are five point favorites. If you back them to win, they need to win by six points for your bet to be a successful one. The Hawks, meanwhile, are five point underdogs. If you bet on them, it means they can lose by four points and your bet will still win. Anything more than that and your bet will not win.

The total refers to the combined total number of points scored by the teams and is expressed as an over/under total.

Moneyline is a straight up pick between the two teams where you back the team you think will win.

Build Your Own Bet on NBA Action

An exciting new way to enjoy live NBA action is by creating a same-game parlay. We call it Build Your Own Bet.

You will find Build Your Own Bet on the page for each matchup and it’s there that you can build a unique bet containing different things you think will happen in the same game.

Let's say you want to bet on the Celtics to cover the -5 spread but you also think there will be over 228.5 points and Jayson Tatum will score over 26.5 points. With Build Your Own Bet, you pick all those selections and our system will compile the odds. Once you’ve got all your picks, they’ll be sent to your betslip to be placed in the same way you would with a regular bet.


Betting on who you think is going to be voted the best player in the NBA is one market that garners plenty of interest all season long. You can find NBA MVP odds in a section known as NBA Futures. Seeing the most action before the season starts, this group of markets also includes NBA Championship Winner, NBA Eastern Conference Winner, NBA Western Conference Winner and has options for every series of the NBA Playoffs.

How to Bet on NBA

The WynnBET Playbook is the place to find detailed NBA betting guides that are there to assist you. We’ve got everything you need including How to Bet on Basketball, What is an Over/Under Bet, How to Play a Round Robin, How to Play a Futures Bet and a lot more. 

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