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How to Claim

1. OPT-IN to this promotion by clicking the OPT-IN button.

2. On Wednesday, make a deposit of at least $300 and receive a casino bonus. 

  • Deposits of $300+ will be awarded a $30 Casino Bonus

3. The casino bonus has a 10x play-through requirement.

4. Deposit Bonus is based off of the first single deposit on Wednesday.

This promotion is valid Wednesdays from 12:01am to 11:59pm EST.

Deposit and Get Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

Promotional Period

Effective from January 18, 2023 through January 17, 2024. 

These rules apply to a WynnBET New Jersey promotion where patrons will receive Casino Bonus for making a qualifying deposit into their WynnBET account. This promotion is available for existing WynnBET patrons with a valid WynnBET account.


Promotions governed by these terms will be advertised to existing WynnBET patrons through WynnBET app and website. The patron will be presented with a “tile” prompting them to make a Qualifying Deposit. That tile will link to a page with promotion details. The advertising tile, and details will include the following important details about the promotion:

  • Deposit Requirements for Qualifying Deposit, including:

    • Minimum Deposit amount. If no deposit amount is specified, then there is no minimum above the standard WynnBET minimum deposit in effect at the time.

    • Any other requirements or limitations on the Qualifying Deposit

  • Casino Bonus award details, including:

    • Casino Bonus award amount. This may be a set amount, or it may be based on the amount deposited, or some other criteria specified in the promotion details.

    • Maximum award. If the Casino Bonus award is based on the amount deposited, there may be a maximum Casino Bonus award available.

    • The wagering requirements (see below for explanation) that apply to the Casino Bonus award.

    • The expiration time for the Casino Bonus award. If no expiration is specified, the Casino Bonus will expire 10 days after it is awarded by default.

    • Any other limitations or requirements on the Casino Bonus award.

    • Unless the promotion details specify otherwise, the Casino Bonus will be available within 24 hours after completing the promotion requirements and will expire ten days later if not used.


To be eligible for this promotion a patron must:

  • have a valid, active WynnBET account;

  • opt into the promotion via the promotion tile on the WynnBET app or website;

  • not have self-excluded or be currently enrolled in an active cooling off period from their WynnBET account.


In order to participate in this promotion, a patron must take the following steps, in order:

  1. Opt into the promotion by following the promotion tile and choosing to opt in.

  2. Make a deposit of at least the Qualifying Deposit amount identified above. 


Casino Bonus is an extra benefit offered by some WynnBET promotions when a patron deposits or wagers certain amounts according to the rules of the specific promotion. Casino Bonus converts to available money in the patron’s WynnBET account when certain requirements have been met after the Casino Bonus is acquired.


  • Casino Bonus will be credited to patron’s account within 24 hours of the qualifying wager or deposit.

  • Casino Bonus may be awarded through site-wide or targeted promotional campaigns.

  • Casino Bonus may be awarded directly to a patron at WynnBET’s discretion.

  • Casino Bonus will expire after 10 days from the date of issuance unless otherwise noted in the promotion details. If the Casino Bonus expires or is canceled before the wagering requirement is met, the bonus will be lost and no portion of it will be available to the patron.


When a patron receives a Casino Bonus, its value will appear as a “Bonus” amount, which cannot be withdrawn or wagered, in the patron’s account, and the individual Casino Bonus Card will be displayed in the patron’s wallet, showing the amount, the wagering requirement multiplier, the remaining wagering requirement amount, and the expiration date countdown.

The Casino Bonus wagering requirement is a multiple of the Casino Bonus amount, ranging from 1x to 20x. For example, for a Casino Bonus card with a $5 value and a 10x multiplier, the wagering requirement will be $50. 

The wagering requirement is met by placing real-money wagers on casino games (slots, video poker, table games, etc., but not sports wagering). Additional requirements may apply, such as requiring the patron to wager on specific games or types of games, which will be communicated through the specific promotion that awards the Casino Bonus.

Wagering requirements are subject to game-specific percentages, as described below. For slots, all money wagered will count toward the wagering requirement. For other games, a specific percentage of the amount wagered will count toward the wagering requirement.

The remaining wagering requirement will be updated and visible on the Casino Bonus card as the patron plays through the wagering requirement.

Once the wagering requirement has been met, the value of the Casino Bonus will be converted to withdrawable funds, which the patron may withdraw or use to wager throughout the WynnBET app or website.

A patron can hold multiple Casino Bonus cards, subject to different rules depending on how the Casino Bonus cards were obtained; however, only one card will be active at a time, so the patron’s wagers will only contribute to the wagering requirement for one Casino Bonus. The next Casino Bonus will be activated after the patron has completed the wagering requirement or canceled the active Casino Bonus.


For certain games, a percentage of the wagers placed will apply to an active Casino Bonus wagering requirement. These are the percentages:

  • 100% on Slots. Every dollar wagered will count toward the wagering requirement.

  • 20% on Video Poker and Table Games, except for Baccarat. For each dollar wagered, 20 cents will be counted toward the wagering requirement. 

  • 10% on Baccarat. For each dollar wagered, 10 cents will be counted toward the wagering requirement.

Examples (if you have a $50 Casino Bonus, with a 5x Multiplier, giving a $250 Wagering Requirement):

  • Play $250 on a slot game to unlock your Casino Bonus

  • Play $1,250 on a video poker game to unlock your Casino Bonus

  • Play $1,250 on a non-Baccarat table game to unlock your Casino Bonus

  • Play $2,500 on a Baccarat game to unlock your Casino Bonus 

Wagering requirements can be met by playing any combination of WynnBET casino games (limited to games specified in the details of the specific Casino Bonus and awarding promotion, if applicable) and the appropriate amounts will be applied to the Casino Bonus wagering requirement, with the remaining requirement noted on the Casino Bonus card. 

For example: A patron is awarded a $50 Casino Bonus with a 5x multiplier (giving a $250 wagering requirement to convert it). The patron starts with a wager of $50 on slots. At this point the patron has completed $50 of the wagering requirement (100% on slots). If the patron then wagers $100 on a roulette game, that will count as $20 additional toward the wagering requirement (20% on table games), for a total of $70. The patron may also wager $500 on a blackjack game, which will count as $100 toward the wagering requirement (20% on table games), for a total of $170. The patron may complete the remaining $80 of required wagering on any casino game, with the appropriate contribution percentages applied. Once the wagering requirement is fully met, the Casino Bonus will move from the bonus balance into the withdrawable balance in the patron’s wallet.


Once a Casino Bonus card has been received, the patron may cancel it by following the appropriate link on the card details at any time before the wagering requirement is fully satisfied. A patron may wish to do this if they prefer to apply their wagers toward the requirements for a different Casino Bonus card in their wallet, or if they simply do not wish to participate in the Casino Bonus. 

Once a Casino Bonus card has been canceled, it cannot be recovered. Any wagers that have contributed to the wagering requirement for the canceled card will not be reapplied to the wagering requirements for any other Casino Bonus award. No portion of the canceled Casino Bonus value will be converted to withdrawable funds.


  • Terms and conditions for this and any WynnBET promotion are to be read in conjunction with the WynnBET general terms of service. In the event of a conflict between the general terms of service and these promotion terms and conditions, the general terms of service shall prevail

  • This promotion is being conducted in accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:69O-1.4(q). 

  • WynnBET will retain details of all participants for 60 days after the event in accordance with N.J.A.C. 13:69D-1.8(g)6xii. 

  • Patron must be physically located within the state of New Jersey to participate in any New Jersey WynnBET promotion and wager on any device.

  • Only one account permitted per unique name, computer or device, and IP address.

  • In case of a dispute, it is the player’s responsibility to bring it to the attention of WynnBET immediately. Customer support can be reached by email at or 201-383-2837.

  • Patrons who are prevented from using WynnBET during the promotional period or at the time of award distribution by reason of account suspension or termination, self-exclusion, government exclusion, or self-imposed cooling-off or timeout period are not eligible to participate in the promotion or receive an award.

  • WynnBET, in its sole discretion, may deny, withhold, or withdraw from any patron participation in this promotion or award from this promotion if WynnBET believes Patron is engaging in abuse, misuse, or manipulation or attempt to abuse, misuse, or manipulate this promotion, and/or terminate patron’s WynnBET account. Collusion (or suspected collusion) between patrons will not be accepted by WynnBET and will lead to disqualification from this promotion, as well as from any award from this promotion and may result in termination of patron’s WynnBET account. 

  • WynnBET is required to monitor WynnBET accounts for any unusual or suspicious activities and report any suspicious activities, including, but not limited to, suspicious wagers, suspicious transactions, or fraudulent activity (including collusion), to the gaming regulators and federal government. WynnBET has the right to contact law enforcement or relevant authorities for any unusual or suspicious activities by any patron participating in this promotion, which will result in patron’s disqualification from this promotion, and may result in termination of patron’s WynnBET account. 

  • All awards are non-transferable and may only be used by the participant registered to the Account; substitute players will not be allowed to claim awards.

  • Patrons may opt-out of this promotion by contacting Customer Support. Once opted-out, any promotional award earned may not be withdrawn. 

  • WynnBET reserves the right to disqualify any person before, during, or after the promotion for violation of these rules, terms, or house rules.

  • Employees of Wynn Resorts, Betbull Limited, and their affiliates, subsidiaries, and advertising agencies, and/or relatives residing with employees, are ineligible to participate in the promotion. 

  • Trademarks used herein are owned by Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC and its affiliated companies. All other trademarks not owned by Wynn Resorts Holdings, LLC that appear herein are the property of their respective owners.

  • WynnBET management reserves the right to modify, change or cancel this promotion at its sole discretion and without prior notice or liability, including if this Promotion is not capable of running as planned, including infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention, fraud, technical failures, or any other causes within or beyond the control of WynnBET which corrupt or affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity, or proper conduct of the Promotion.

  • Customer support can be reached by email at or 201-383-2837.

  • Subject to any regulatory appeals process, all decisions made by WynnBET management regarding all aspects of the Promotion are final.

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