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WATCH: Debut episode of "Bet to Wynn" is here!

Gabriel Santiago

The Premiere episode of Bet to Wynn (presented by WynnBET) is now available on Apple podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube! Tune in to hear Joe and Claudia cover all the latest football news, preferred picks, and anything else you need to know in the wide world of sports betting!

Bet to Wynn premieres on heels of $80K CFB parlay winner

Well, if you haven't heard by now, you may have been experiencing some connectivity issues over the past couple days. This past Monday saw a WynnBET Player hit a 14-leg CFB parlay consisting of only under wagers, risking $10 to ultimately cash for $79,935.70!

Naturally, the debut episode of Bet to Wynn with Claudia Bellofatto and Joe Fann starts by diving into what it takes to build a monster parlay like this, the strategy of betting unders, and how we can all agree that the winner is probably kicking themselves for not risking $20 instead of $10. But hey, it's probably a little difficult to be bitter when cashing a ticket valued at almost 80-grand.

For the FULL premiere episode, watch HERE

Yes, let's all shake out the envy within us. Ok, time to move on. But jeez, what a hit to get the football season rolling here at WynnBET.

Bet to Wynn Episode 1 moves on to other CFB news, including (much to Joe’s demise) Washington’s monumental loss to Montana, a loss that Joe believes may be the worst in program history for the Huskies.

Joe and Claudia eventually shift to NFL topics, and discuss how they are feeling ahead of the DAL-TB Thursday night season kickoff. Joe & Claudia give their takes on the contest and remind listeners to take advantage of WynnBET's Triple the Spread promo! That's right; you have to option to 'triple the spread' in the opening game (as well as other select games), making the line upwards of 22 points !

As the first episode of Bet to Wynn progresses, Claudia and Joe touch on all of the following:

  • Will Cleveland @ Kansas City be the best game of Week 1?
  • Insights on Tua Tagovailoa's sophomore campaign in Miami
  • Saints and Packers matchup in Jacksonville
  • Division winners
  • MVP picks
  • Who has more hometown bias (the bigger "homer")